Campaign’s Media to Watch 2023 – Sumeet Singh, Manager – Biddable Media, PHD Media

Campaign’s Media to Watch 2023 – Sumeet Singh, Manager – Biddable Media, PHD Media

Age: 28

Nominated by Roxane Magbanua, Executive Business Director:
Sumeet always brings his A-game in everything he does. He thinks analytically and strategically, has a proven ability to use data and technology to build a powerful digital strategy, inform decisions and measure success. His challenger mindset enables him to push boundaries and unlock disproportionate growth for his clients. More than the technical competencies that he possesses, Sumeet is exceptional because of his great attitude. He is self-motivated, driven, highly collaborative, and has a strong sense of accountability and ownership. I’ve seen him thrive in complex and challenging situations and always come out on top and succeed.

Career highlights

Sumeet is a digital enthusiast with a strong passion for driving business growth. With over five years of experience at PHD, he has worked with over 16 top advertisers in the region from diverse industries, leading more than 100 successful campaigns to tackle various business challenges. His expertise lies in deploying strategies to improve digital operations, building relationships, managing teams, and advancing digital maturity for clients. Currently, as a Biddable Media Manager for Saudi Tourism, Sumeet oversees its international activity across more than 20 markets globally. He is committed to refining his craft and working on innovative solutions in the ever-evolving world of digital media, aiming to achieve award-winning success.

Guiding principles

“Start doing your dream job today with the tools you have, to make it a reality,” is Sumeet’s guiding principle. By taking small, consistent steps and staying focused on the present, he applies this philosophy to all aspects of his life, feeling motivated and in control of his path towards achieving his dreams.

Side hustle

He has a profound interest in early-stage ventures and the exciting potential they hold. During his free time, he loves to mentor early-stage start-ups or small businesses, taking it as an opportunity to learn and develop his skills beyond media.

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