Campaign’s Media to Watch 2023 – Sarah El-Khoury, Data Analytics Manager, Havas Media Middle East

Campaign’s Media to Watch 2023 – Sarah El-Khoury, Data Analytics Manager, Havas Media Middle East

Age: 25

Nominated by Mary Anne He, Head of Data & Insights, Havas Middle East:
Sarah is one of the brightest young stars of our industry. A rare breed who effortlessly balances left-brain logic and analytical thinking with right-brain empathy and creativity, she has truly elevated our insights offering, from discovering unexpected data sources to developing new analysis best practices. Sarah never ceases to surprise and impress with her strategic mindset, innovation, work ethic, and passion for all things advertising. Demonstrating a professional maturity well beyond her age, she already wears the hats of manager, mentor, and client partner. Sarah is without a doubt, one to watch as a dynamic future leader.

Career highlights

As a Data Analytics Manager at Havas, I lead the company’s Integrated Data Proposition across Media, PR and Creative.

Falling under the strategy team, my focus is to enrich our clients’ work with advanced analytics solutions that draw on market-focused and consumer-centric insights.

My journey initially started in Marketing at the American University of Beirut, where I quickly recognized the critical role data plays in driving impactful brand strategies; accordingly, I pursued my Master’s in Business Analytics to build on this foundation.

With almost 4 years in media, I’ve worked across a range of industries including QSR, FMCG, Automotive, Banking, Entertainment, Tech, Telecom, Travel, Luxury, Beauty…

Guiding principles

Don’t doubt your dreams, doubt your fears instead.

Fears may halt you, while as dreams will always make you fly.

Side hustle

Although I may not have singing talents myself, I’ve always had so much passion for discovering “Hidden Gem Artists”, and especially local ones. For me, the goosebumps you get when you’re so touched by a song that you hear for the 1st time just goes to show how much emotional power music has. My favorite song of the moment: “Bus 170” by Abu Dhabi-based artist Jiire Smith.

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