Campaign’s Media to Watch 2023 – Kareem Hachem, Digital Strategist, Acquisit

Campaign’s Media to Watch 2023 – Kareem Hachem, Digital Strategist, Acquisit

Age: 25

Nominated by Timothée Desormeaux, Co Founder & Managing partner:
Over the last few years, Kareem became a very accomplished digital marketer able to drive high impact on major organizations such as Unifonic, Whites Pharmacies or Almatar. His natural appetite for data, his solid know-how of digital platforms, and his deep knowledge of the region made him the natural profile to lead the team in charge of our media ops in Saudi Arabia. His natural talents to understand clients’ needs and his ability to understand and simplify complexity and drive measurable growth make him the best marketer for any organization willing to break and grow into the Saudi Market.

Career highlights

The media industry in this day and age brings forth two passions of mine, data and creativity. There’s not much more satisfying than to work in a field that allows me to utilize my creative side and subsequently measure its impact on an organization through data. At Acquisit I had the opportunity to kickstart our operations in the KSA region and grow it to what it has become today. A couple of years and a lot of learnings later, we have established a very solid presence in KSA working alongside numerous homegrown brands such as the Whites Pharmacies as well as Cura Healthcare, a telemedicine app that allows its users to reach registered doctors in an instant, It brings me great satisfaction to be able to partner with and grow businesses that have a positive impact on our world

Guiding principles

Adapting your approach and being open to exploring brand new areas in the field is essential for a greater impact within our work. Doing so incorporates harboring close relationships, assuming responsibility, and above all commitment to the task at hand.

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