Campaign’s Media to Watch 2023 – Ivana Sayegh, manager, Essence Mediacom

Campaign’s Media to Watch 2023 – Ivana Sayegh, manager, Essence Mediacom

Age: 26

Nominated by Ahmed Shorty, MEA Business Director:
She is a rising star in the media industry and one to watch in 2023. She is a super dedicated manager with a sharp and hard-working spirit who has successfully led her team in digital, offline, and brand strategy. Ivana’s emotional intelligence and focus on uplifting her team’s skills make her a great manager. Her non-stop eagerness, drive to grow, and self-motivation have made her the most goal-oriented employee in the Mediacom Dubai office. With her strategic and rational mindset, Ivana is a problem solver who can handle emotional decisions and build relationships with stakeholders. She is an excellent team role model who sets an example of persistence and goal orientation

Career highlights

After four years in the media industry, every day feels like the first day when I get to do what I love – working with a brand [Galaxy] that I have a personal connection with as a consumer, but now with the ability to be part of the brand’s story. I’ve learned about the growth principles of brands, consumer behavior, and how to establish meaningful brand connections. I am proud to have been part of award-winning projects, including a silver Effie, 12 Smarties awards, the Mars BBMV Heroes Award, and most recently, being named one of 30 under 30.

Guiding principles

My guiding principle is to remain authentic and truthful to myself and those around me. I believe that honesty is essential in building strong organizations and communities, and it promotes a harmonious workplace and a sense of accountability. Additionally, I always strive to maintain a positive attitude and staying grounded

Side hustle

I enjoy tutoring neighborhood children as I believe that education is essential for creating a better world. Witnessing their growth and contribution to society brings me immense satisfaction. It is also fulfilling to work on the brand Galaxy, which shares the same goal.

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