Campaign’s Media to Watch 2023 – Helena Sarkis, Senior Media Planner, Fusion5 Advertising

Campaign’s Media to Watch 2023 – Helena Sarkis, Senior Media Planner, Fusion5 Advertising

Age: 26

Nominated by Ghida Ismail, Media Director:
A highly committed and enthusiastic team member who has shown great dedication in facing any challenge given to her. Helena is a rising star, and has demonstrated exceptional ambition and hard work, earning the trust of all stakeholders. Helena managed to combine both technical and soft skills, enabling her to manage client relationships with ease and facilitate internal communication. Her creativity and persistence have allowed her to contribute to multiple projects, and her positive learning curve is a testament to her continued growth and potential for success. I have no doubt that Helena will continue to achieve great things in the future, and we are all excited to see what she will accomplish.

Career highlights

From Lebanon to the USA with my family, to Dubai to pursue my career. Since I joined Fusion5, I have been devoted to the media industry. I feel fortunate to be surrounded by competent practitioners in an environment where personal and professional growth is encouraged and celebrated.

Handling a diverse client portfolio keeps me current on media trends and best practices, providing exposure to challenges and opportunities to refine my approach.

Winning the rising stars competition with Tribe Global has added further value to my career, connecting me with international high-performing individuals and investing in my professional development.

Guiding principles

Having a life goal offers guidance and drive. Finding the sweet spot between passion and pragmatism is key, requiring hard work, perseverance, dedication, and guts to overcome obstacles. Staying true to our values, continuous learning, and growth help fulfilling our purpose and live a worthwhile life.

Side hustle

My side hustle is a bit everything from the four F’s – from family reunions, trying out new restaurants, nights out with friends to travel to untrodden paths. It’s all about making the most of life with people who bring out the best in me and having a blast along the way.

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