Campaign’s Media to Watch 2023 – Danielle Makarem, Media Manager, Carat

Campaign’s Media to Watch 2023 – Danielle Makarem, Media Manager, Carat

Age: 26

Nominated by Alex de Smet, Business Director:
Danielle has only been with us for about half a year, but her work ethic, her dedication and her positive attitude are what make her a valuable addition to our team. She has developed a great chemistry with her peers and her clients from the get go and was able to demonstrate a high level of ownership and proactivity, giving us piece of mind that we can always count on her.

Career highlights

My career started in Performance working across multiple industries with automotive becoming my favorite no more than a couple months in. My interest quickly shifted towards a more strategic role which prompted my move towards the Planning side of the business, giving me the opportunity to better understand the behavioral aspect of the audience. This pushed me to dive into the purchase journey and the many factors that interest a consumer when buying a car; applying such learnings led to the success of future campaigns. My interest in such data only grew which evolved into a digitally focused role.

Guiding principles

Words I continuously live by have been reiterated by my dad for many years: “you are your own enemy”

Side hustle

For the last year or so, Real Estate has become a side project outside of the media world. This investment currently takes place in California, my home state, but would love to eventually expand into locations outside of the US.

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