Campaign’s Media to Watch 2023 – Aayushi Barak, Senior Media Planner, PHD Media

Campaign’s Media to Watch 2023 – Aayushi Barak, Senior Media Planner, PHD Media

Age: 27

Nominated by Ross Molloy, Senior Director – Planning:
Aayushi is an all-round media strategist with a wealth of planning experience on large global clients such as HSBC. She is a natural problem solver and helps create value for her clients through her innate media thinking and ability to translate media metrics back to tangible business outcomes. Her deep understanding of the digital ecosystem sets her apart from her peers as she can build integrated media plans that identify addressable audiences and serve each phase of the funnel. Through experience she can create further value for her clients through the proven optimizations she recommends that drive better results. On top of her individual skillsets, Aayushi is a dynamic team player who can work seamlessly with all internal specialist departments in pursuit of her clients’ goals.

Career highlights

Aayushi started her career at an online publication house, working on client acquisition across multiple publication streams. Her interests then evolved towards performance-driven initiatives aimed at maximizing ROI. She took a leap of faith and joined BAM Strategy, working as an integrated media planner specializing in CRM acquisition and retention for Sanofi and Reckitt. After moving to another continent, Aayushi joined PHD MENA as a Senior Media Planner, exploring the BFS industry to diversify her knowledge and capabilities in digital media planning across various sectors.

Guiding principles

She firmly believes that every challenge presents a learning opportunity, and the best ideas often emerge from difficult situations. In her view, one should always confront challenges head-on and never shy away from them. This is why she lives by the mantra, “When nothing goes right, go left.”

Side hustle

Being an avid reader since childhood, she was gifted a vintage typewriter used in a judicial district court in India. After multiple attempts to get it to work, Aayushi now writes short stories with it and hopes to publish them one day.

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