Campaign’s Creative Faces to Watch 2022 – Yoana Zaneva, Strategic Planner, MCH Global

Campaign’s Creative Faces to Watch 2022 – Yoana Zaneva, Strategic Planner, MCH Global

Age: 26

Saheba Sodhi, Head of Strategy, MCH Global: Yoana, is an integral part of the MCH Global team, she joined as an intern and quickly became an essential cog in the wheel of producing high quality pitches and projects as a Strategic Planner. She is a natural at what she does and has an ability to transform objectives & challenges into adaptive and responsive strategy. Her understanding of the evolving experiential landscape, her desire to learn, her penchant for cultural shifts and collaborative yet analytical nature, allows her to grow and establish a strong position in a demanding environment. I am proud & grateful to have her onboard.

Career highlights

After graduating from my MSc I started my MCH Global journey as an intern; where I dove deep into the world of experiential marketing and what it looked like in the region.

Now having worked as a Strategic Planner for almost 2 years I truly appreciate how dynamic this work is; no two days are the same. From developing brand strategies to analyzing audience data I have had the pleasure of working on brand projects for Porsche, HBO Max & Pepsi. I truly believe in the power of experiential and the impact it has for brands.

Guiding principles

My biggest driver is collaboration. I thrive when I work with individuals from diverse backgrounds as that is where I feel the greatest ideas are born.

Side hustle

Following my deep passion for sustainably and wellness, my sister and I manage an independent yoga brand that creates eco-friendly yoga mats made from cork. Getting to work with my family on something so close to my heart is a great privilege.

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