Campaign’s Creative Faces to Watch 2022 – Rasha Zaher, Creative Producer, Chain Reaction

Campaign’s Creative Faces to Watch 2022 – Rasha Zaher, Creative Producer, Chain Reaction

Age: 27

Haneen Al Hassan, Deputy General Manager, Chain Reaction: There are those who color outside the lines and then there is Rasha, who redefines those lines and what they mean every single day. She is passionate, crazy, creative and a true story teller. This means that she spends endless hours watching content online under the umbrella of “research & inspiration” but truth be told, this is exactly why she is a bank of ideas and references for every single brief that comes her way! Rasha grew massively since joining Chain Reaction and was able to expand our offering in creative video production along the way leading major productions for some of the biggest names in the region.

She has a big energies and even a bigger heart which inspires everyone around her and spreads positivity around the office every single day. She’s one of those people who will continue to make big moves and continue to create bigger and better campaigns!

Career highlights

A creative producer who came from an interior architecture background and found my passion in life which is filmmaking after graduating from university, and yes, my parents were very happy to hear that! A Dubai-based creative producer who sees everything in life as a moving picture, I am driven by challenge and guided by reason, I believe that every story in life should have the space to be heard and I try to do that day in and day out in my field.

Guiding principles

Inspiration is happening all around you, the more you force it, the less it will appear to you. Be open to everything that comes your way and your best will come out and support you.

Side hustle

Painting and exploring how people see art differently depending on their past experiences, been doing that by painting emotions and visualizing in on a canvas then asking people about what they are seeing individually. Some answers will scare you.

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