Campaign’s Creative Faces to Watch 2022 – Noor Shihab, Managing Director, Brodmann10

Campaign’s Creative Faces to Watch 2022 – Noor Shihab, Managing Director, Brodmann10

Age: 27

Amir Antoun, Business Director, Publicis Media: We have been working with Noor across many clients over the past 7 years and were able to clearly spot the value she has to add to the business.

It hasn’t been an easy journey nor is it an easy task to handle especially for a woman born, raised and living in Iraq.

Having such a large geography, working in Iraq requires being in 18 governorates at once and understanding the wide spectrum of diversity the market has to offer.  We have seen this in every meeting we had together with clients.

Career highlights

After graduating with a BSc Degree in Dentistry, Noor left everything behind to launch Brodmann10, servicing a niche selection of international, regional and local clients who just wanted to challenge the market reality.

Geared with more than 7 years of experience in the communication and PR field, Noor has enriched her knowledge by graduating from Harvard Extension School with a business foundation degree.

Building the agency from scratch helped Noor gather a rich experience across Client Servicing, Strategy and Creative Supervision. She was able to grow the agency by 8 times in 7 years leading a team of 15 individuals.

Guiding principles

It is Noor’s conviction that the development of great brands relies on outstanding insights, intellectual curiosity, and the ability for a seamless connection between strategy and execution.

In a market that lacks adequate talent, Noor focuses on empowering her team maximizing their individual potential to drive collective progress.

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