Campaign’s Creative Faces to Watch 2022 – Mary Bou Akl, Senior Post Producer, Truffle Film

Campaign’s Creative Faces to Watch 2022 – Mary Bou Akl, Senior Post Producer, Truffle Film

Age: 28

Cynthia Chammas, Executive Producer, Truffle Film: Mary joined us to head our post production department. She’s a hard working person and a creative senior post production producer. Her input is always valid and appreciated by our clients. She leads the post production communications with our different clients and can adapt her way to fit the needs of every one of them. Mary is capable of handling several projects simultaneously while giving the right attention to each of them. She is one of our pillars.

Career highlights

Mary Bou Akl, creative post producer, outdoor enthusiast and pianist with over 7 years of experience in Advertising. I enjoy building and leading creative teams from local and international artists, collaborating together and giving birth to great films and content. I was fortunate to kick-start my career in Lebanon, learning from the the best in the Advertising industry. Moving to Dubai was the door I needed to challenge myself into bigger responsibilities and grow my network. I have worked with the biggest clients in the Gulf Region specifically within the UAE and Saudi Markets.

I hold a MA degree in Marketing and Communication, with great distinction, from GBSB Business School Spain.

Guiding principles

Honesty first- It is important for me to build trust with my clients, colleagues and teams. Transparency will create the kind of confidence I need my team to have in my leadership. What a simple way to increase work efficiency!

Keep learning. Self-improvement and personal growth are timeless. It doesn’t have to be only by the books, but we could also do it through social learning: having an open mindset to listen, watch, interact and learn from the people around us.

Side hustle

My oldest one would be teaching the Piano, something I have done since the age of 15. Today, I am exploring a new baby project: an e-commerce business for swimwear made of ocean waste. Wakesurfing and diving are ways for me to unwind and disconnect.


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