Campaign’s Creative Faces to Watch 2022 – Ahmed Raslan, Content Creator, Havas Creative Middle East

Campaign’s Creative Faces to Watch 2022 – Ahmed Raslan, Content Creator, Havas Creative Middle East

Age: 25

Fabio Silveira, General Manager, Havas Creative Middle East: Ahmed showed talent during his first hour at the agency. On the production set of an important campaign -that won many awards regionally and globally- for one of our key clients, the ‘rookie’ took the lead in the final production meeting, with clients, creative teams, production houses, giving direction to producers, guiding drone operators, discussing how to fast track post-prod (the project required that) etc. Many people in that position would be nervous, but all Ahmed showed was confidence. Which he continues to do time and again on every project he works on. He clearly has a promising future and will go far in the industry.

Career highlights

Ahmed Raslan is an aspiring filmmaker and content creator, awarded with multiple local and international media honors. His creative passion sprouted at the age of 12, and ever since, he has dedicated himself to sharing his passion and vision for changing content with the world. Ahmed also seeks to elevate media content by expressing his hard work and talent across different fields. He worked in several media roles from pre-production to production and post-production, coordinating with many big clients in the market. His passion for the field never limited him in working in diverse roles. Whether he is a one-man band or working with a team, Ahmed will strive for the best and will do whatever it takes to express his passion.

Guiding principles

My guiding principles are: always learning, leading supportively, collaborative work, striving for efficiency and fostering success.

Side hustle

I am also a photographer and videographer and am constantly capturing the world around me through a lens. When I’m not shooting photos or films, I am a professional judo player, an avid footballer and a horse rider.


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