Campaign’s Creative Faces to Watch 2022 – Aarushi Mittal, Creative Director, Precise Communications Design LLC

Campaign’s Media Faces to Watch 2022 – Aarushi Mittal, Creative Director, Precise Communications Design LLC

Age: 25

Gopal Aswani, Managing Director, Precise Communications Design LLC: Aarushi exemplifies the essence of our creative strategy in a rapidly changing business environment, her ability to consistently exceed the expectations of internal & external stakeholders since taking on a challenging role at Precise has been commendable.

Apart from conceptualising creative solutions for our clients, Aarushi has excelled in imparting insights to a rapidly growing team that is thriving under her leadership.

I am certain that Aarushi’s entrepreneurial spirit and holistic efforts towards the region’s creative sector make her a worthy nominee. As a potential leader for the future, I am proud to nominate her!

Career highlights

Driven by an ambition to dissect pertinent issues and creatively disseminate concepts across intangible constructs, Aarushi has demonstrated her passion for design across many successful projects.

Whether it was through her thesis on a campaign for women’s health, creative strategies for the region’s biggest brands or curating unique experiences through her passion projects; her trajectory is synonymous to her appreciation for the effect creativity has on the world.

As a relatively young leader in the region’s creative space, the projects have allowed her to execute multi-platform creative solutions. She is an active advocate through pro-bono projects for various social causes.

Guiding principles

Although tough to articulate, Aarushi’s guiding principles are to facilitate creativity that reflects the generation’s dynamic perceptions through Simplicity and Perseverance. She consistently strives towards embedding these amongst her team and clients, with a mutually shared belief that impactful designs are nuanced, subtle and often require tremendous diligence to execute.

Side hustle

Wraps&Ribbons, which started out as an outlet to express her affection creatively, has scaled into a experiential value proposition through thematic gifts and events curation. Apart from being a professional dancer with the largest Bhangra group in UAE (Pure Bhangra), she also runs pro bono creative wellness workshops.


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