Campaign’s Creative Faces to Watch 2021 – Trisha Khanna, Content Strategist and Copywriter, JWI Global

Campaign’s Creative Faces to Watch 2021 – Trisha Khanna, Content Strategist and Copywriter, JWI Global

Age: 27

Nominated by Aimee Connor, PR Director, JWI Global

Trisha’s passion for strategic content creation shines through in every project. She is an example of what happens when natural talent meets a desire to drive growth, giving her the ability to deliver strategic creativity time and time again.

She understands brands from the inside out and immediately grasps subtle nuances to create content that seamlessly aligns with client objectives. She is a true team player, with calm energy and a supportive attitude, who always puts her clients and her team first.

Powered by a creative mindset and a collaborative approach, Trisha is an invaluable member of the JWI team.


Trisha is a Content Strategist and Copywriter who believes in combining the science of strategy with the art of language for a holistic approach to the world of content.

Her passion is giving a voice to creative visions, using thoughtful strategy, clever copywriting and some good wordplay. Whether it’s conceiving a campaign strategy, crafting an industry editorial or creating social media captions, her love for language translates into everything she does.

Trisha has experience crafting content for diverse industries, from B2B to FMCG, which has allowed her the opportunity to become fluent in the many dialects of the advertising industry.

Guiding principles

Trisha believes in the power of delving deep to create content that truly resonates. She loves to learn and strives to ensure every creative output is rooted in thorough research, thoughtful insight and valuable learnings. Her passion to learn guides her desire to constantly do better for herself, her team and her clients.

How has Covid changed your job?

The power of words is the essence of communicating with compassion and care. During Covid-19, authentic communication and adaptive strategy were key for brands to remain resilient. Trisha embraced change by delivering enhanced digital strategy, complemented by thoughtful external communications, to continue to create with purpose and intention.

Side hustle

Trisha’s love for language is closely followed by her passion for food. When she’s not eating, she’s talking about food and when she’s not talking about food, she channels her creativity in the kitchen to run her own Instagram food page where she shares personal recipes and delicious dining experiences.

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