Campaign’s Creative Faces to Watch 2021 – Reynald Paner, Designer, House of Comms

Campaign’s Creative Faces to Watch 2021 – Reynald Paner, Designer, House of Comms

Age: 20

Nominated by Tom Williams, Creative Director, House of Comms

Reynald is the epitome of raw creative talent with an innate eye for design. His mild manner demeanour masks an implicit drive to build upon his skills and an unquenchable thirst to develop his technical and artistic prowess. I have worked with dozens of creatives at all levels, and I have not seen anyone exhibit half the amount of potential Rey has demonstrated in just 12 months. We will watch his career with great interest, and it has been a privilege to be there at the start of his creative journey, given the heights he will undoubtedly rise to!


I am a creative graduate from SAE Institute, raised in Dubai, and a believer in the big idea. I’ve always found interest in creating new concepts, which paved the way for me to discover the beauty of the creative world. That love has grown into a deep appreciation for the advertising field, working for clients like Starbucks, P.F. Chang’s, Acer and more.

I started working in the agency in late 2017 and in just a span of a year, I was able to get promoted from an intern to a Junior Designer and now to my current position of Designer.

Guiding principles

I am a firm believer in the saying, ‘Keep moving forward,’ constantly looking at the future for my next idea.

Another principle is to say ‘yes’ to challenges, to seek discomfort and confront tasks that are beyond my abilities with no fear of failure, only growth.

How has Covid changed your job?

I have worked remotely and worked more digitally and socially. I’ve consumed a lot of content the media has produced regarding Covid. This in turn has stoked my own creativity. I am prone to think outside the box, be quick to react and push my creativity to another level.

Side hustle

I’ve been interested in clothing design and branding for many months, from designing the fit and print for t-shirts to marketing strategies, all influenced by classic art. This side hustle allows me to express what I love to do most, creating content, in a unique field.

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