Campaign’s Creative Faces to Watch 2021 – Radhi Kundan Raut, Creative Lead, Delphys ME

Campaign’s Creative Faces to Watch 2021 – Radhi Kundan Raut, Creative Lead, Delphys ME

Age: 25

Nominated by Michel Zouein, Regional Executive Creative Director, Delphys ME

Radhi has been on a fast evolution track in the agency since she started almost 3 years ago.

She is a rising star in the team and a valuable asset for the agency. She can handle projects under minimal supervision, taking the lead and responsibility like a senior would do.

She is always eager to take on the next challenge, even if it is out of her experience zone, she would take it and learn from it to keep on improving.


My name is Radhi Kundan Raut and I’m a creative lead at Delphys ME in Dubai. I’ve been working in the advertising industry since 2016 and I’m passionate about almost everything creative – especially illustration, creative literature, and audio storytelling. During my career, I’ve had the opportunity to work on many international and local brands in the automotive, FMCG, corporate, and entertainment sectors. I graduated from the American University in Dubai in 2017 with a Bachelor’s Degree in Visual Communication with a Major in Advertising.

Guiding principles

Authenticity, respect, and perspective are my three key guiding principles.  Perspective is definitely the one I’m still working so I stuck a printout of Pale Blue Dot to my computer to stop the idiot spirals about every little thing (has not worked yet, only causes bouts of existential dread).

How has Covid changed your job?

Since last year we’ve implemented some amazing collaborative tools into our workflow – this has not only streamlined processes but also inspired some really fun ideas. We’ve also been fortunate enough to be able to reach out more often to uniquely skilled creatives across the world and now they’ve become a part of the extended team.

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