Campaign’s Creative Faces to Watch 2021 – Maya Fakhry, Digital designer, Space oddity

Campaign’s Creative Faces to Watch 2021 – Maya Fakhry, Digital designer, Space oddity

Age: 23

Nominated by Tala Rawas, Creative director, Space oddity

We were lucky to uncover Maya’s talent while she was still completing her studies and working with us as a part-timer. It is rare to find a mature and genuine soul with such a modern grip and insights on digital tools. Once she joined us as a full time creative, her potential was fully unleashed. Like a true digital native, she leverages insights with inspiration and delivers a unique brand experience. Maya is commercially savvy and achieves maximum impact for investment, which keeps our clients coming back for more.


After completing my Masters’ degree in Media and Communication at ISCOM Paris, I flew straight to Dubai for a new role as a Digital Designer at Space Oddity. Unexpectedly, I’ve hit the ground running with prestigious clients like Mirinda, Mohammed Bin Rashid Centre for Government Innovation, The Prime Minister’s Office, The Louvre AD and Schwarzkopf. In a bit over a year, I had made my place within our amazing team by taking on a “digital bridge” role between our brands and their target audience.

Guiding principles

I lead a life chiefly guided by curiosity and openness. The world is a different place for us creatives and the key to success is to embrace these colourful perspectives and have them fuel my creativity at work.

How has Covid changed your job?

Given my inquisitive nature, I embraced the lockdown as an opportunity for discovery and experimentation. I used research to better myself as a digital marketeer and improved my adaptability to handle an exponentially growing number of brands asking for online marketing.

Side hustle

Nurturing my creativity is a top priority. I enjoy exploring sleepy corners of the mind and the science behind how we process stimulation. Singing and dancing are ways for me to channel my excessive energy and to escape normality as we know it.

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