Campaign’s Creative Faces to Watch 2021 – Hyun Seo Yoo, Senior Creative, TikTok

Campaign’s Creative Faces to Watch 2021 – Hyun Seo Yoo, Senior Creative, TikTok

Age: 29

Nominated by Youssef Gadallah, Head of Creative Lab – TikTok – METAP, TikTok

Hyunseo is the kind of creative who can adapt to any platform and come up with raw, yet crazy creative ideas. My inbox is flooded with endless messages filled with ideas that she sends me every day. Her ‘random thoughts’, as she calls it, have become our daily habit. She has always been unafraid when it comes to speaking her mind and sharing her thoughts, from the time I met her when she was a young creative in Memac Ogilvy until today as a Senior Creative leading the charge for many of our clients and always bringing valuable creative input to the team. It has been a pleasure to watch her grow and progress through her career, and I believe she’ll be one of the next female creative leaders representing the region and influencing many more.


Before landing in tech, HyunSeo spent her career working in big ad agencies including JWT New York, Memac Ogilvy and Impact BBDO Dubai. Her work has spanned multiple countries and regions, picking up numerous awards along the way at Cannes Lions, One Show, Dubai Lynx and many more. Her work has also been featured in various books and publications including Lürzer’s Archive, Campaign Magazine and, most recently, the Communication Arts Advertising Annual 2020. She has also been nominated as an LIA Creative Liaisons Coach for 2021.

Guiding principles

Insights are all around you. The side conversations, the endless scrolling through social media, the bad jokes on WhatsApp and the senseless internet memes can all be a source of inspiration. Sometimes the most brilliant ideas can come from the dumbest things.

How has Covid changed your job?

I was laid off during Covid and, quite honestly, it was probably the best thing that happened to me. It only lasted a week as I was rehired but the shock spurred on a lot of change that forced me to reevaluate my career and made me chase something beyond advertising.

Side hustle

My side hustle has been training my dog into becoming a dog-fluencer, tagging her for any freebees she can get. So far, zero luck, but she knows how to play dead after saying ‘bang’. Maybe she’ll be cast in an action movie one day.

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