Campaign’s Creative Faces to Watch 2021 – Hera Khan, Lead Designer, Accenture Interactive

Campaign’s Creative Faces to Watch 2021 – Hera Khan, Lead Designer, Accenture Interactive

Age: 29

Nominated by Kristine Lasam, Lead Communicate – Managing Director MENA Accenture Interactive, Accenture Interactive

I have worked with Hera for over 5 years.  I remember meeting her in a coffee shop with only an award-winning poster on hand.  She was interviewing for a creative role in a digital agency—and had no digital creds to show me.  What she lacked in credentials she made up with her heart—and a brilliantly creative mind.  The kind of quiet creative mind that gives birth to stunning, show-stopping work.  Her work ethics is second to none—absolute integrity that you need together with her artist’s streak and the passion for creating compelling and beautiful things.


Hera is a lead creative of the brand & comms team at Accenture Interactive practice based out of the Dubai office.

She has worked with Middle East’s most exciting clients and on iconic projects such as Expo2020 Dubai, ADNOC, Etisalat, PepsiCo, STC to name a few. Hera helps brands to find their place through insight-driven creatives and powerful storytelling that converts. After working at different design, advertising and digital agencies, she joined Accenture Interactive as a lead creative.  She focuses on creating impactful creatives that use design-thinking and delivering stunning creatives and campaigns for clients that are looking for differentiated value.

Guiding principles

Good visual art is a combination of technique, fine esthetics and exceptional ideas.

“The designer does not, as a rule, begin with some preconceived idea. Rather, the idea is (or should be) the result of careful study and observation, and the design a product of that idea.” – Paul Rand

How has Covid changed your job?

Covid has made me realize that I want to add a lot more purpose to the work I do and create shared societal value wherever possible.  It has shown me the value of empathy even more—and how that should translate in every piece of work I create and produce.

The remote way of working in a never normal environment has given me both space and time to learn new things and explore other creative avenues and techniques.  Pottery for instance has given me a salient venue to draw many creative canvasses that serve my clients’ briefs and addresses their challenges.  The pot I held in my hand, has given birth to a hero asset for Expo2020.  Creativity permeates, inspiration is everywhere—it can even be on my coffee cup stain on a piece of A3 paper sitting on my desk.

Side hustle

My side hustle is crafting clay pots. While spinning clay on the wheel our mind and body are in a natural synergy. It brings a sense of calm after a busy day at work—and the space for the mind to spin creatively, as I am in a space of feeling good and aligned with myself.  That’s always the best space to create.

Pottery is also like visual art – a combination of technique, esthetics and ideas but with touch and texture.

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