Campaign’s Creative Faces to Watch 2021 – Dina Hossam, Art Director, DelphysME

Campaign’s Creative Faces to Watch 2021 – Dina Hossam, Art Director, DelphysME

Age: 27

Nominated by Michel Zouein, Regional Executive Creative Director, DelphysME

Dina is a relatively new team member at the agency. Since she started, she has immediately made a positive impact on creativity and art direction by always challenging the status quo to push further and bringing new techniques to the table.

She is always eager to push boundaries, which makes it contagious to the whole team bringing the spirit of positive internal competition to do the best work.


I’m an Art Director & Visual artist holding a Bachelor degree in Arts & Design, Graphics & Media Art. Have worked on so many big brands for different markets in the region; FMCG, Automotive, Beauty, Music & other fortune 1000 brands.

Calling myself an artist since I was 3 years old, eager to create things out of the nothings; grew up to follow my passion and live my dream; by having a job none stop feeding this passion along with keeping my gifted talent alive participating in art galleries & exhibitions with traditional art & conceptual video art as a visual artist.

Guiding principles

In the creative world.. one never stops learning, eyes never stop recording & the mind never stop creating.

How has Covid changed your job?

We all know Covid has affected everyone on this planet. However, here is my bright side:

– It taught me how to master communication with multiple ways and  channels

– How to manage my timeline and personal life boundaries

– How to be more efficient and productive.

– How to appreciate our teamwork & support

and last but not least it showed how strong our team is.

As well as my dogs get to attend our zoom meetings 🙂

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