Campaign’s Creative Faces to Watch 2021 – Ben Thomas, Art Director, JWI Global

Campaign’s Creative Faces to Watch 2021 – Ben Thomas, Art Director, JWI Global

Age: 29

Nominated by John Wilford, CEO & Founder, JWI Global

Ben is a rare talent. Never before have I worked with someone with such mastery of their craft. He has an eye for the aesthetic and creates beautiful, arresting design.

He has an appetite to learn, develop, and never standstill. That’s why his work will increasingly be seen across the Middle East. It is a testament to Ben’s ability that he is the preferred designer for campaigns managed by both our Dubai and London teams. Ben is also an inspirational mentor who leads a growing design team.

I have no doubt that his work has contributed substantially to JWI’s meteoric growth.


Ben is a Dubai-based Art Director and Designer who is passionate about creating to inspire, motivate and leave a lasting impression.

He specialises in branding, art & design direction and digital design. At the core of each project, lies his strong conceptual approach, thoughtfully crafted to deliver original creativity and meet client objectives.

With diverse experience across the Middle East and the UK, Ben has worked independently and also had the opportunity to grow and lead teams to collaborate and bring creative visions to life for global brands such as 3M, Ariel, Downy and Electrolux.

Guiding principles

Ben creates by his personal motto, “concept first, then design”. He believes in finding harmony between strategy and creativity to deliver a design that is not only beautiful but also, filled with purpose. Ben believes in working with the evolution of the industry, integrating modern ideas and technology to craft original experiences.

How has Covid changed your job?

During Covid-19, design has been used as a powerful tool for communication. When creating campaigns, adapting typical approaches is necessary to ensure creative resonates with the ‘new normal’. On a personal level, Ben feels grateful that his role has continued to grow with the agency, even through difficult times.

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