Campaign’s Creative Faces to Watch 2021 – Basma Choucri, Digital Designer, Cheil MEA

Campaign’s Creative Faces to Watch 2021 – Basma Choucri, Digital Designer, Cheil MEA

Age: 24

Nominated by Ramzi Ibrahim, Creative Director, Cheil MEA

Basma is a rarity among young and new designers. When we talk about ideas in the team, she stands toe to toe with more senior and experienced members, able to take on what’s being said, dishing out her own, and pushing other people’s thoughts. She came into her first job running, and it’s hard to believe that she only graduated 2 years ago. She’s playing a key part in our upcoming campaigns, and we’ll continue to rely on her fresh take on things.


Right out of university with my degree in creative advertising, I jumped into the industry at Cheil. In 2 years I’ve been part of countless campaigns for Samsung, Volkswagen, New Balance and pitches, big and small. From handling the digital and social content of Samsung’s e-stores and social channels across the region to creating the next big product launch campaigns. It’s been an accelerated learning curve, enabling me to lead some projects on my own, and figuring out that crazy ideas can pop up from even the smallest of things, at the most random of times.

Guiding principles

Keep pushing and pitching for ideas that matter to you and the world wherever it can work.

If they don’t hear your idea the first time, say it louder and don’t shy away.

Take feedback seriously, and find a way to make it work for you.

How has Covid changed your job?

Initially, campaign briefs shifted towards one single direction, solely focused on Covid-related communication. This made us think more on our feet to not be repetitive when tackling briefs. Knowing when to call it a day while working from home took some time, to not burn out in a tough year.

Side hustle

More of a passion and a hobby; I do love to digitally illustrate in my free time, and sometimes create artwork for friends and family. It’s a few different art styles and just what I usually find fun and interesting in the moment. If I like you, I drew you.

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