Campaign’s Creative Faces to Watch 2020 – Xavier Dell, Head of content, Those Social Guys

Campaign’s Creative Faces to Watch 2020 – Xavier Dell, Head of content, Those Social Guys

Age: 25

Sam Turner, managing director, Those Social Guys: This person should be considered for your list for their amazing levels of skills and work ethic. Xavier has gone from a hobbyist filmmaker to one of the most in-demand content creators in the country, creating content for brands such as IHG Hotels, Lamborghini, Aujan Coca-Cola, Yas Mall, and GEMS. I believe he has a unique mix of filmmaking talent and an understanding of the psychology and makeup of social media users that means his creations never fail to hit the mark. He is truly one of the keys to our success in the industry.

Career highlights

The biggest highlight would be the introduction to the fun yet occasionally detestable industry of social media (marketing). Four years ago I came to Dubai and knew pretty much nothing about the industry. Fast-forward a year later and I was working from home, together with three other friends, building what would become an award-winning social media agency. Opportunities I’ve been afforded, people I’ve grown with and the skills I’ve acquired along the way only make up a few of the most notable highlights.

Guiding principles

Have confidence and pride, in both yourself and in your work. Across the different industries I’ve worked in, this one always seems to be recurring and something I’ve admired the most about other people I worked with or for. It’s still something I haven’t completely mastered, but I’m working on it.

Dream job

To be a palaeontologist. It’s a completely different field, but for the longest time I always wanted to be one. Growing up you find a lot of new interests and lose a lot of others, but whenever I look back on how much I loved palaeontology and the things I would get to see and do, I always wonder why I didn’t pursue it. Maybe one day I’ll put the camera down and pick up a pair of khaki pants.

Side hustle

I don’t really have one. Creating videos has kind of made work and spare time mesh into one. I would love to have the time to write and direct a feature film one day though.


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