Campaign’s Creative Faces to Watch 2020 – Senka Music, Creative lead, Geometry

Campaign’s Creative Faces to Watch 2020 – Senka Music, Creative lead, Geometry

Age: 28

Safwan El Roufai, executive vice-president, MENA, Geometry: Senka joined the experiential industry three years ago. Coming from a graphic design background, she had little exposure to how design translates into spatial experiences. Yet, she had the creative ambition and curiosity that were key for her to embark on her experiential transformative journey. Since then she has grown exponentially in her design approach and multifaceted skills. Senka lead the creative team when working with the UAE Youth Office, and helped translate its initiative to hyper-engaging experiences. The projects team of the Youth Office praised Senka’s work on multiple occasions, citing her forward thinking and agility. Senka is one of a new breed of creatives that has a very promising future ahead.

Career highlights

My background is graphic design and photography, but I’ve expanded my knowledge and found my sweet spot in the creative events industry. I’ve worked with the UAE Government to create events that engage residents and promote great initiatives, like the World Self-Driving Challenge. Brands trust my team and me to come up with new, engaging ways of promoting important messages, like Cadillac at SoleDXB. Apart from my experiential work, I’ve always enjoyed photography as a form of self-expression. Although it’s not my main focus, I can proudly say that I’ve won several awards for it, in street and fashion photography.

Guiding principles

Culture and communication are key to success, no matter how complex the projects are, that’s something I’ve learned from everyone in the events industry.

Dream job

A dream job would entail combining my experiential skills and philanthropy to create events for people that would not necessarily have the opportunity to attend them – i.e. people in places of conflict. I’ve seen personally how even the smallest events make a great difference for people in such situations.

Side hustle

In my spare time, I occasionally convince the people around me to sit in front of my camera, in the hopes of showing the greatness I see in them. Photography has been a part of my life since childhood and is a great creative tool to connect with people and environments.


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