Campaign’s Creative Faces to Watch 2020 – Samuel Turner, Managing director, Those Social Guys

Campaign’s Creative Faces to Watch 2020 – Samuel Turner, Managing director, Those Social Guys

Age: 28

Xavier Dell, co-founder and head of production/content at Those Social Guys: I strongly believe that Sam should be considered for your list for multiple reasons, but most notably for his incredibly motivating work ethic, his passion to succeed and the immense confidence he gives to those who work with him. A veteran of the industry garnering experience from various companies, he has attained a great wealth of knowledge and technical skills not just in Social and Creative Media, but in leadership, people management, risk-taking and even in the field with photography and videography. He’s carried this across to contribute to build a strong foundation for a reputable and respectable social media agency. His dedication and commitment to making sure the company creates tidal waves in the industry are only a couple of reasons people should be looking out for him.

Career highlights

Getting fired from multiple jobs. This was the beginning of a fantastic journey, although I didn’t know it at the time. Our content is seen by thousands of people daily, with our biggest reach on our media platform being 17 million people in one week. We’ve won Creative Agency of the Year twice, and I was a finalist for New Entrepreneur of the year on the personal side.

Guiding principles

Death or glory, it’s all just another story. The beginning was the regimental motto of my Grandfather’s army regiment, and it’s also a fantastic song by The Clash. To me it means that everything can have a positive outcome if you work on it, and setbacks and failures are an important part of the journey.

Dream job

A dream can become a reality with planning. I would love to use my current skills to help startups in this region, as I believe there is so much potential here. So, the dream job would be a heavily involved, marketing-focused, new-age venture capitalist, who invests time and resources rather than the traditional capital injection.

Side hustle

Personal branding, if that counts as a side hustle. I also like to support other entrepreneurs or people looking for work where I can, whether that’s helping with their CVs, recommending books to read, talking through problems or anything they may need help with.


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