Campaign’s Creative Faces to Watch 2020 – Pooja Bhatia, Copywriter, Team Red Dot

Campaign’s Creative Faces to Watch 2020 – Pooja Bhatia, Copywriter, Team Red Dot

Age: 24

Urooj Husain, client services director, Team Red Dot: Pooja brings immense value to our social and creative departments as she is not only a creative writer but also an agile thinker. As a content writer on the social team, she is able to switch and manage multiple clients and categories with an incredible turnaround time which is essential to meet the real-time demands of our clients. Apart from this she is extremely zealous towards new business and has helped us win and retain multiple businesses like Fairmont Riyadh and Cigna Middle East.

Career path

I stumbled upon copywriting very much by accident when I graduated and started helping out at a friend’s startup agency to keep busy while I looked for a job in the editorial field. My first task was to write a ‘creative menu’ for a local bakery, and while it should’ve been mundane, I loved it. Since then, I’ve moved on to ideating for full campaigns, working on social media calendars and falling in love with my job as a copywriter while working for a variety of clients such as Cigna Insurance, Pocari Sweat, Creative Zone and The Accor Group.

Guiding principles

Learning how to build a productive environment and knowing when to take a break are the two things that have saved my sanity and boosted my performance. I am motivated by my curiosity and love for learning, and hope to never lose those.

Side hustle

12-year-old me’s dream job was to be a vet, and while that didn’t happen (apparently you have to be good at science), I honour her dreams by volunteering at shelters during my weekends.

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