Campaign’s Creative Faces to Watch 2020 – Malavika Ravi, Copywriter, Momentum MENA

Campaign’s Creative Faces to Watch 2020 – Malavika Ravi, Copywriter, Momentum MENA

Age: 29

Muhammad Ali, FP7 McCann: Great writers are hard to come by; great writers with a great attitude and work ethic are harder to come by; writers who tick those boxes and happen to be brilliant thinkers are… unicorns. ‘Micky’ is one of those unicorns. With experience in journalism, blogging and wicked wordplay, Malavika is a multi-talented wordsmith who brings wit, charm, style and humour to every post, EDM, stunt or film for clients like Abu Dhabi National Insurance Company, Azizi and Yas Theme Parks. As a conceptualiser, Micky is a thoughtful, compassionate, strategic thinker who focuses on problem solving and data-driven insights. Advertising better start believing in unicorns.

Career highlights

Started as a journalist, then a food writer, then a copywriter and this is just the beginning of a long journey in advertising. My career path has been diverse and varied, from working on nuclear energy to diapers and water brands to fashion. The world is my oyster and I fully intend to swim deeper.

Guiding principle

As a copywriter, observation is key and I learned from the master: my fourth-grade English teacher who endured a thousand questions from me.

Dream job

Teaching American Sign Language to children and adults. Yes, I know ASL.

Side hustle

I run a side project called Retro Rani (@retro.rani), which focuses on educating people on the importance of sustainable fashion choices. I ship exclusive handmade fabrics made ethically from artisans in villages in India and then give them a Western makeover. It’s a small step towards solving a much larger issue of ethical fashion in a world that’s moving so fast.


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