Campaign’s Creative Faces to Watch 2020 – Linda Al-Shami, Creative content creator, Apco Dubai

Campaign’s Creative Faces to Watch 2020 – Linda Al-Shami, Creative content creator, Apco Dubai

Age: 25

Bedoor Khalil, associate director, Apco Dubai: Linda Al Shami is a senior account executive at Apco Worldwide in Dubai. She started her career working exclusively in graphic designing, and evolved within couple of years to a creative content creator, responsible for account management and capable of creating content, doing community management and creating all the visual assets. In 2019, Linda became a Certified Digital Marketing Professional after acquiring her certification from the Digital Marketing Institute. Linda loves new challenges and fusing good design with a user-friendly experience that is engaging and forward-thinking. She prides herself on being able to deliver on services such as branding, printing and digital design. Her creativity and understanding of the digital landscape makes her an asset for Apco Worldwide’s team, and a partner of choice for all work related to creative campaigns and ideation.

Career highlights

Linda joined Apco Worldwide as an intern within the digital team and became a full-time graphic designer shortly after. A couple of years later, Linda became a creative content creator capable of creating content and designing creative assets. Linda was a part of the core communications team behind prestigious events and initiatives in the UAE such as The UAE Innovation Month, Reaching the Last Mile event, Qudwa Teachers’ Forum, The Human Fraternity meeting (the Pope’s visit), WOW JBR, World Government Summit media relations team and Saudi’s RCU Cultural Manifesto.

Guiding principles

Be open to learning new things. Be adaptable, brave, positive and believe in the power of energy and how much it can affect people around you.

Dream job

Full-time artist and creative entrepreneur.

I aspire to earn a living out of my art one day and hope to tell stories that can drive change and inspire those around me.

Side hustle

Working on my art. It’s my escape from reality. It is where I can create a feeling, but it depends on the person who looks at it afterwards, so people might feel something else because they have other stories. And I think that’s beautiful.


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