Campaign’s Creative Faces to Watch 2020 – Catherine Asseily, Strategic planner, Geometry

Catherine Asseily, Strategic planner, Geometry

Age: 26

Elias W. Bassil, Head of strategy, MENA: Catherine is one of the most socially uncomfortable people I’ve met. And although some might see that as a shortcoming, it is actually her biggest gift. Because her daily challenge is a continuous quest of figuring out people – why they do certain things, talk in a certain way, buy certain products and feel certain emotions. It is how she copes with the world, first – and brands can benefit from her unique world view. She stood out since day one when she proactively developed a global tool for the network that became a cultural repertoire of insights and cultural tensions. The ‘Book of Tensions’ is her masterpiece, born out of her intricate observations and highly skilled research methodologies.

Career highlights

I earned my first dollar at the age of 13 on the ski slopes in Lebanon’s mountains. I sold lemonade. It existed in the cafeteria, but not at the top of the hill. And we all know, a drink with a view makes a difference. So I bought it from down, took it up, took up the price, and made a profit.

More recently:

  • Helped a delivery brand in London differentiate its offering within a cluttered category
  • Won 2 Lynx Awards my first year
  • Created an internal tool called ‘Book of Tensions’ – a website that aggregates cultural nuances per country

Guiding principles

My head of strategy has taught me the difference between hearing and listening. The latter is the principle I abide by.

Dream job

A journalist that covers conflict areas and gives those without a voice a chance to be listened to.

Side hustle

Growing up, my parents always took me to opera concerts. What started off as me mimicking how they sing, turned into a talent. So, yeah, today I’m an opera singer.


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