Nominated by Dana Tahir, general manager, Havas PR
“Over the course of her three years at Havas, Razan has forged a steady path for growth for herself and her team, and has been identified as one of select names categorised as the agency’s ‘key talents’. Razan has secured two promotions and today leads the fashion team within the agency while directly managing the communications for CH Carolina Herrera. Since joining, Razan has strategised and executed 360-degree campaigns that have proven quantitative and qualitative results in changing brand perception and ultimately increasing sales. In a growingly challenging retail environment, Razan is able to recognise clients’ changing needs and adapt communications campaigns accordingly – the most recent example being CH Carolina Herrera’s Insignia campaign, which today has become a best-practice case study for Havas and CH alike.”

Career path
“I’ve been with Havas PR since 2016; Over a total span of eight years working on the agency side, I’ve managed to build experience in servicing a wide range of clients across key industries including technology, beauty and lifestyle, fashion and consulting. Today, I handle the communications for CH Carolina Herrera in the region, while also leading the fashion team within the agency – consisting of a wide portfolio of luxury fashion, accessories, and jewellery brands.”

Guiding principles
Never take yourself too seriously. We work in an extremely challenging industry that often times requires a thick skin and a sense of humour to survive. Always put your money where your mouth is. Many can talk the talk (after all, we do work in PR), but our value lies in our ability to execute and ultimately let the work speak for itself.