Nominated by Samir Hammad, managing director, Abu Dhabi
“Rahul is one of the rare surprises found in the communications world – he knows his potential and where he is heading. He came late to our industry, joining just four years ago as a graduate trainee, but has already ended up winning and maintaining multiple valuable retainer accounts including the likes of Emirates Steel. He is comfortable engaging with high-profile existing clients like the UAE Space Agency and contributed to significant increases in our retainer fees. He now also leads key client teams, for example Abu Dhabi Airports, with a dedication to excellence in everything he does. Rahul is also a great mentor for the new joiners and the junior team members.”

Career path
“I joined Four Communications in 2015, having previously worked for more than five years in the retail industry and briefly in the event management industry within the UAE. I was awarded Four MENA’s Best New Joiner in 2016, Employee of the Year in 2017 and New Business Star in 2018. I was also a Silver Winner in the category of Outstanding Young Communicator of the Year at the 2018 MEPRA awards. I am actively continuing my education through attending MEPRA workshops and seminars, and I joined the MEPRA and CIPR accreditation scheme in 2018.”

Guiding principles
“I strive to be straightforward and clear, and to maintain quality over quantity or speed. These principles I learned from two of my greatest mentors, Ghali Houri and Mohaned Lafi, who both practise what they preach. For someone coming into the industry my best piece of advice is to ask questions and try and learn something new every week, whether its meeting a new journalist or how to prepare a budget.”