Nominated by Dana Tahir, general manager, Havas PR
“Nadine joined the Havas PR fashion team and has quickly grown within the agency – she was promoted after only a year and 8 months thanks to her dedication, passion and team spirited work ethic. In 2018 alone, she managed to secure outstanding results for her clients with record breaking press coverage and celebrity engagements, turning a small homegrown brand into a coveted luxury must-have. Not only was the campaign featured on influencers’ Instagram pages, but it also went viral with more than 1 million views on YouTube. Nadine never fails to showcase her natural PR abilities – from her hearty relationship with her colleagues to being the go-to person for agency pitches and event management.”

Career path
“I have been in the industry for almost four years. I was lucky to start off my career within the fashion industry on the brand side before joining the Havas PR fashion team. I was very privileged to work on very diverse and respected fashion and jewellery brands. I managed to secure nine free-of-cost tier 1 print covers in 2018, four major celebrity dressings – including the mega stars Yousra, Laila Oloui, Saba Moubarak and Salma Abu Deif. I am currently the account handler for Chaumet, Lanvin and Etoile La Boutique.”

Guiding principles
PR is a very challenging industry. It requires dedication and passion. My number one principle whenever I start handling a new account is to learn about it as much as possible, as I believe that we can only excel when passion is there.
I learned that from different people: My mother is a career-oriented woman and raised me to become strong and independent. When it comes to PR, my mentors are Dana Tahir and Razan Karim, who genuinely care about my personal as well as professional growth.