Nominated by Sophie McNulty, senior consultant, finance practice
“Batoul joined the finance practice in 2017 and has quickly proven to be absolutely indispensable. If I had to pick her three best qualities, it would be her ability to stay calm under pressure; her design and PowerPoint skills – incredibly handy on business development pitch decks; and thirdly and most importantly, her ability to just get things done. All these skills came to the fore when Batoul led this year’s edition of the Emirates Islamic Banking Index. Her management of the project helped amplify the annual survey to new levels. Batoul also supported on our recent IPO campaign for Network International, where her engagement with the Arabic dailies mitigated potential issues and highlighted the investment narrative. Definitely one to watch out for.”

Career path
“I never imagined myself working in PR for financial sector clients but life had different plans. I now work on a day-to-day basis with blue-chip banking clients, and it has been a tremendous learning experience; every day brings a new set of challenges and opportunities.”
“Previously, I was an Account Executive at Golin MENA – Corporate, working on a diverse client base. At Golin MENA, I worked on AXA Gulf’s ‘Health on Track’ campaign, which went on to win “Results on a Budget” at PRCA MENA Awards.”

Guiding principles
Always do your best and move on. If you make a mistake, just simply turn it into a valuable lesson and avoid repeating it the next time – never fear failure.
Always plan ahead and be prepared. Prepare your own checklist one day ahead, and list down tasks to be completed during the day. Stay organised to get more work done.
Find a role model at work: find someone in a leadership position to emulate, and this will give you a clear image of what you want to achieve. Having a role model can give you extra motivation to succeed in your career, helping you realise your potential in the process.