Boopin expands to China

Boopin has officially announced its expansion of their 4th Offices in Shanghai, with already a presence in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Singapore with a tagline “Nǐ hǎo Shanghai, We are Boopin”.

This is a step towards Boopin’s long-term plan of international expansion. The Business will include services from assisting clients in the Middle East to explore the Chinese market and vice versa, and to cover the gap between both markets.

Founder & CEO of Boopin, Shadi Abdulhadi said “China has been a hot topic for the past years for the brands in the Middle East due to the ever increasing Chinese influx in the region. Our Chinese team in collaboration with the other existing offices will help us to cater to this increasing demand.  Our team in China is well-versed with the Chinese market and tools, in addition to our Chinese team in Dubai. Boopin China would work on the latest Chinese Ad Tech tool and services which will include Chinese Social platforms, Media Buying, Content Creation and influencers marketing (We Call it KOL in China)”.