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Al Munayes Tea puts forward ‘candidate’ for Kuwait elections


Kuwaiti loose-leaf tea company Al Munayes blended political intrigue surrounding the country’s parliamentary elections and the power of social media to launch its new bag range. Local agency Beattie + Dane decided to front their own ‘candidate’, named Bu Salem, and created a humorous campaign showcasing his various credentials.

The character was inspired by the tea connoisseurs who work in Kuwaiti diwaniyas and government organisations. The insight was around the idea that if anyone really understood the value behind the ‘right’ tea blend it was them.

After being ‘leaked’ onto social media, the campaign created a furore among people who believed Bu Salem to be a real candidate and wanted to support him.

Agency: Beattie + Dane

Managing partner: Dana Alhanbali

Creative lead: Anes Al Rayes

Photographer: Faisal Al Besher

Production team: Cinemagic

Film director: Aziz Al Jasmi

Executive producer: Mostafa Faramawy

Creative collaborator: Habib Altamimy