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Ads I wish I’d made, and one I did – by Bold’s Mohammad Baalbaki

Mohammad Baalbaki, co-founder and ECD of Bold Agency, picks ads on the theme of: The Power of Stories

Mohammad Baalbaki, co-founder and ECD of Bold

Mohammad Baalbaki, co-founder and ECD of Bold Agency, selects his ads on the theme of ‘The Power of Stories’.
Ads I wish I’d made…
The closet
Fun, witty and has powerful storytelling. This commercial leaves you with a strong brand perception. It was written by Oliver Marchal and was brought to life with a high cinematographic quality compared with technologies back then. It was first released in 2010 an won a Lion. 
Well deserved for such a memorable piece.
Done by: BETC Euro RSCG for Canal +
Leica 100
Well, when I watched this commercial for the first time I was truly mesmerised. The story, the narration by Nick Brimble added the feeling, andreproducing these memorable shots was a genius idea by Saatchi & Saatchi. The commercial was released in 2014 and got every
Leica owner to truly appreciate their pieces.
The tale of Thomas Burberry
Who said that biographies are boring? In this astonishing video, the tale of Thomas Burberry was brought to life by Academy award winner Asif Kapadia and the writer Matt Charman in a three-minute short film. It uncovers the beauty of the brand through a series of discoveries about the founder Personal life, innovation and craftsmanship and other key events that shaped the history of the brand.
Film production: Black label
Endless Stories
Stock footages and images can truly create endless stories if put together the right way, and that is what Getty images did. In this smart and engaging short film, the brand could show the infinite possibilities that any user can create out of their footage. Smart, specially within a fast moving world.
Agency: BBDO
… And one I did make…
Unveiled Journey
The Saudi woman existed, and she has been fighting for her rights, progressing silently over time. 
This short story conveys the message and shows her contribution that remained in the shadows across time. Whether it was direct or indirect to society, her participation shaped the present that Saudi Arabia is witnessing today. Simple, impactful and to the point where a covered reality was revealed.