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What’s driving Dubai’s Museum of the Future flying hover car

On 18 February 2022, an unsuspecting public witnessed a most surprising event in Dubai. A video of a flying hover car landing inside the soon-to-open Museum of the Future, through a retractable hangar door at the top of the building, emerged on social media. Soon after, other recordings of the scene, reminiscent of an Avengers movie, amplified the phenomenon, giving it credence and weight. The videos quickly became viral, taking the UAE, the region and even the world by storm.

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Was it real or an illusion? The debate raged on. It certainly looked real, as did the follow-up recordings from buildings across the Sheikh Zayed Road. With Dubai’s and the UAE’s track record of innovations and breakthroughs, it was certainly a logical, possible step forward. Flying taxis have long been discussed so maybe that was a new prototype. Few know whether the new building has a retractable door. It could all be plausible.

Then again, with the impending opening of the stunning Museum of the Future, that could have been far too much of a coincidence. Some inquisitive viewers started unpicking the clips, questioning their authenticity or suggesting the videos used 3D CGI. There were little details that left you wondering.

They were there on purpose. For all its breakthroughs and innovations, as a building and centre for learning and research, it doesn’t have a hangar for spaceships, yet at least. The clips were produced by Dubai-based Misfits. The stunt was designed to create talk and share value, trigger excitement and spark people’s imagination. The UAE Government Media Office used this technique before, with the award-winning Double Moon operation for the Emirates’ Mission to Mars. The stunts are, in essence, a form of entertainment that draws attention and meets a goal, in this case, create a huge level of awareness and anticipation about the inauguration and opening of the Museum of the Future.

With this and other activities, the UAE Government Media Office sought to promote its function and purpose. As well as an architectural masterpiece and global icon, the Museum of the Future is a new global scientific landmark and a platform to study the future, design its ideas and create deep discussions about its trends in different sectors. It is the first intellectual centre of its kind, as it will also study current and future challenges with international partners and specialized research entities to provide innovative solutions. It will not only serve the UAE but also the region and the world, academia, scientists and the business community.

“This is a stunning development that befits Dubai perfectly as the city of the future. The UAE was founded on the very notion of progress for the benefit of all and its focus on technology and science is well established. The Museum of the Future is the latest step in this exciting journey and we wanted to invite people to take it with us,” explained Khaled AlShehhi, Executive Director-New Media and Visual Production at the UAE Government Media Office. “The flying hover car stunt was the starting gun of a series of activations that illustrate the positioning and significance of the museum, bringing the future into our present. This helps make it more real, achievable and concrete. Adding to it the “Think next time you blink” film, the Real-Life Iron Man and the invitations from the future, the Arabic calligraphy over the Dubai Metro and UAE landmarks or the special arrival stamp in passports at the Dubai International Airport, the stunt certainly drew attention and raised interest in the opening. It made the most beautiful building also the most anticipated as people are now eager to discover the exhibits and visit the Museum of the future.”


Agency: Misfits Content Creators