US agency Jack Taylor expands to the GCC

Aaron Illathu, Managing Director, Jack Taylor ME

Jack Taylor, an independent, US-founded public relations and communications agency, is setting up operations in the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) region.

Founded in 2010, Jack Taylor has evolved into a global leader with some of the most cutting-edge clients in wellness, health, and fitness.

Partnering with brands that solve human problems and empower consumers to live their best lives, the agency’s portfolio includes notable brands like WHOOP, AG1, Athletic Brewing, Eight Sleep  Hyperice, HYROX, and Plunge.

With the GCC health tracker market projected to grow by 5.22% from 2024 to 2028, reaching a market volume of USD 705.10 million in 2028, Jack Taylor’s expansion into the GCC underscores both the continued growth of the wellness sector and the agency’s dedication to amplifying brand stories through local and global perspectives.

Jon Bier, founder and CEO, said, “Expanding into the GCC region is a natural progression for Jack Taylor following our recent success establishing a presence and serving clients in Australia. We believe the Middle East is becoming a global powerhouse for all things health, wellness, and fitness, aligning with both our passions and areas of expertise.

Leading the new GCC office will be Aaron Illathu, the company’s newly appointed managing director.

Illathu brings a wealth of experience as an ex-Google professional from California and is now making significant contributions in the GCC, having grown major brands such as Uber and Careem.

He will continue to build the WHOOP presence as Jack Taylor’s inaugural partner in the region, highlighting their commitment to advancing health and wellness through cutting-edge technology.

Illathu said, “I am thrilled to bring Jack Taylor’s unique approach of innovative storytelling to the region.”

The agency aims to thrive in the region as a valuable source of expertise for leadership across the GCC that is promoting technology and wellness as part of their national agendas.

“The region is investing in infrastructure and education to support these sectors and implementing policies to attract foreign investment and talent,” Illathu said.

“With these initiatives bringing in the top players to the region, they will require unique expertise for these sectors and this is what Jack Taylor brings to the table. It is an exciting new chapter for the agency and I’m grateful to be a part of the journey.”