UAE crackdown on piracy: blocking over 1,100 websites

The Ministry of Economy has already protected IP rights of MBC, OSN Network, and BeIN media group.

The UAE has cracked down on copyright piracy to safeguard intellectual property (IP) rights by blocking more than 1,100 websites.

The Ministry of Economy said it succeeded in upholding the IP rights of leading media platforms that produce/distribute entertainment, sports, and artistic content, including those of Abu Dhabi Media Network, MBC, OSN Network, and BeIN media group.

The move is part of the  Ministry’s efforts to create a secure environment for creative works and raise awareness on the importance of copyright protection.

It has already implemented a new mechanism to safeguard IP rights, which includes the “InstaBlock” initiative, implemented during Ramadan this year.

This enables rapid response to reports of IP rights violations, ensuring immediate action against infringing websites.

The collaboration between the Ministry of Economy, Telecommunications and Digital Government Regulatory Authority (TDRA), and rights holders has led to a significant reduction in violations of broadcasting and publishing rights of creative works in the digital space.

Knowledge economy

“By providing a secure and stimulating environment, the UAE is poised to become a global hub for creativity, innovation, and emerging economic sectors. The country’s efforts to strengthen IP rights protection align with its goal of becoming a knowledge economy,” it said in a statement.

By cracking down on copyright infringement, the UAE is creating a safe environment for inventors and creators to develop their groundbreaking ideas into profitable businesses and innovative projects.

Dr. Abdulrahman Hassan Al Muaini, Assistant Undersecretary for IP Rights Sector at the Ministry of Economy, said these efforts contribute to creating a secure, stimulating, and attractive environment for creators, entrepreneurs, and innovators.

The Ministry blocked 1,117 websites that infringed upon IP rights and violated the rights of publishers of creative content, safeguarding the IP rights of several leading digital entertainment platforms, in collaboration with TDRA.

This has helped in curtailing illegal infringements on broadcasting and publishing rights of creative works, also enhancing awareness on the mechanisms for IP rights protection and swiftly addressing reports in this regard.”

The ‘InstaBlock’ initiative is one of the 11 initiatives of the Ministry’s new IP system and has an immediate response tool called ‘LiveBan.’ It is specifically designed to handle complaints related to incidents of copyright infringements on live online broadcasting.