Twitter records over 47 million Tweets in relation to Ramadan

Ramadan conversations spiked on the first day of the holy month with 5 million Tweets.

In 2022, Twitter recorded over 47 million Tweets during Ramadan, a 31% year on year increase from last year, reflecting Twitter’s role as the place to discover what is happening in real-time. As people celebrated the holy month, trending conversations on the platform centered across faith, spirituality, food and entertainment. Here are some of this year’s highlights from the month of Ramadan:

The top countries within the MENA region discussing Ramadan were:

  1. Saudi Arabia
  2. Egypt
  3. Kuwait
  4. United Arab Emirates
  5. Oman

The symbol used to send salutations upon the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) ﷺ was Tweeted almost 4 million times, while Top Ramadan-related emojis included:

  1. 🌙 (A crescent moon)
  2. 🙏 (Folded hands )
  3. 🕌 (mosque)
  4. 🤲 (Palms held up together)

Top Ramadan-hashtags Tweeted at a global level included:

  1. رمضان# (Ramadan)
  2. #Ramadan
  3. افطار# (Iftar)
  4. #العشر_الاواخر (Last 10 days of Ramadan)

The top Retweeted Tweet of the holy month was by King Salman (@KingSalman)

Football personalities and teams also engaged in conversations during Ramadan, with some of the most Retweeted Tweets included:

  • Footballer Paul Pogba (@PaulPogba) wished the community Ramadan Mubarak.

  • Egyptian icon and footballer, Mohamed Salah (@MoSalah) wished his followers a blessed month.

  • Footballer Mesut Ozil (@MesutOzil) wished his followers a happy, safe and blessed month.

  • Alhilal FC (@Alhilal_FC) shared a video featuring the club’s players wishing their followers a blessed month.

Ramadan wishes remained a popular theme amongst the general public with some of the most Retweeted Tweets included:

  • Aisha (@mayb3aisha) shared her hopes for this Ramadan

  • Afroze Al Fuad (@iamafroze) shared a photo of Ramadan in Egypt

  • Salah Al Ghaydan (@salahalghaydan) shares a video of his father and Ramadan vibes at their home

2022’s Ramadan TV series captured audiences across the region, with some of the most used series hashtags included:

  1. #العاصوف3 (Al-Asouf 3 series)
  2. استوديو٢٢# (Studio 22  program)
  3. #منهو_ولدنا (Menho Waladna series)
  4. #رامز_موفي_ستار (Ramez Movie star program)
  5. #الاختيار3 (Al-Ekhteyar 3 series)
  6. #جزيرة_غمام (Jazeret Ghomam series)
  7. #الكبير_أوي6 (Al-Kabir Awe 6 series)
  8. #شباب_البومب_10 (Shabab Al-Bomb 10 series)
  9. من_شارع_الهرم_إلى# (Min Sharee Al-Haram Ela series)
  10. المشوار# (Meshwar series)

People’s love for Ramadan TV was translated into Tweets, as they took to the platform to share their comments and opinions, joining the conversations by doubling down on their favourite TV shows, episodes and characters from across the globe. Here are some of the most engaged with Tweets surrounding Ramadan TV from throughout the holy month:

  • @Barmz_alHajjaj engaged with Turki Al-Sheikh when the latter mentioned that he looked like him in the “ Manho Waladna” series poster

  • @ReemMoustafa Tweeted a picture of her character in Sots Bel- Arabi series

To celebrate Ramadan, Twitter launched three hashtags triggered emojis across seven languages; English, Arabic, Malay, Thai, Indonesian, Hindi and Spanish. The following Arabic and English hashtags will unlock a crescent moon:

  • رمضان#
  • رمضان_كريم#
  • رمضان_مبارك#
  • #Ramadan
  • #RamadanKareem
  • #RamadanMubarak

The second emoji, a lantern, will be unlocked with the below hashtags:

  • #فانوس
  • #فانوس_رمضان
  • #فوانيس_رمضان
  • #فوانيس
  • #RamadanLanterns
  • #RamadanLantern

As for the last emoji, the following hashtags will unlock a bowl of dates and glass of laban:

  • #افطار_رمضان
  • #افطار
  • #إفطاراً_شهياً
  • #إفطار_رمضان
  • #إفطار
  • #فطور_رمضان
  • #فطور
  • #سحور
  • #سحور_رمضان
  • IftarRamadan#
  • #Iftar
  • #Suhur
  • #SuhurRamadan
  • #Suhoor
  • #Sahur
  • #Suhour

As the holy month comes to a close, Twitter is celebrating Eid AlFitr with the release of a hashtag-triggered emoji of the crescent moon when the following hashtags are used, throughout the week of Eid:

  • عيد_الفطر#
  • عيد_مبارك#
  • كل_عام_وأنتم_بخير#
  • عيد#
  • #EidalFitr
  • #HappyEid
  • #EidMubarak
  • #Eid