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TBWA/RAAD ‘napkinises’ KFC

TBWA\RAAD 'napkinises' KFC’s receipts, flyers, food bags and place mats

For decades, KFC has been a brand that has pushed the limits of creativity for the love of its finger lickin’ good chicken, through its relatable and quirky creative campaigns globally. Now, to celebrate the freedom that comes with eating with your hands – and to emphasise that eating at KFC is always a fun and super-casual experience, KFC got ‘Napkinised’. Using a special ink-resistant tissue paper, KFC turned its menus, placemats, food bags, posters, flyers and even its cashier receipts into tissue napkins of different shapes and sizes. Produced in the UAE by TBWA\Raad, ‘Napkinised’ is rolling out across more than 87 restaurants in the UAE and Lebanon.

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