New show, Dubai This Week takes you to the best of UAE

Launched by Galadari Brothers, Dubai This Week will also feature celebrities and trailblazers that make the Emirates tick.

Galadari Brothers’ media arm has launched a weekly lifestyle show that will take residents and international viewers on a journey of the Emirates and reveal the best sights and sounds on offer through engaging discussions with the most influential international celebrities and movers and shakers in the country.

‘Dubai This Week’ will be hosted by Michal Michelle Divon, Senior Editor and Producer at Khaleej Times, which is owned by Galadari Brothers. Divon’s illustrious career as a reporter, emcee and TV host in the United States and UAE includes interviewing iconic international figures, such as media personalities Dr Oz and Caitlyn Jenner, UAE Minister of Climate Change and Environment Mariam bint Mohammed Saeed Hared Almheiri, UAE Ambassador Omar Saif Ghobash and American former professional boxer Evander Holyfield. She has also emceed at prestigious political events hosting US politicians Mike Pompeo and Nikki Haley.

The five-minute episodes will be released every Tuesday at 7.45 pm GST on YouTube, TikTok and Instagram, with additional behind-the-scenes access and exclusive content on the show’s social media platforms regularly. Every week, Divon will dive into nuanced discussions with leading personalities, political figures and celebrities, entrepreneurs, innovators and trailblazing residents, and explore hidden gems, gastronomical delights, stunning locations and distinct activities around town.

In the first episode, which went live on February 8, Divon interviews American media personality, socialite and businesswoman Paris Hilton about her love for Dubai, the launch of her latest fragrance during her honeymoon in the Emirate, investment in the crypto space and upcoming NFT (non-fungible tokens) drop.

“In this ever-changing media landscape, we are constantly looking at novel ways to engage discerning audiences and reimagining how we tell stories and bring information and entertaining content to the public. We strongly believe in the digital-first approach to transform the experience of media consumers. Producing a show like ‘Dubai This Week’ gives us an opportunity to stretch our creative limits and offer viewers from all over the world a unique insight into the Emirates and its people,” says Mohammed Galadari, the Co-chairman of Galadari Brothers.

Divon, whose career as a journalist spans more than 10 years, says the show is an opportunity to highlight the best that the country has to offer to the world.

“I want viewers to see the UAE like I do, soak in the life and beauty of the Emirates, and get a glimpse of the hospitality of the locals and residents as I experience it on a daily basis,” says the show’s host.

“Dubai has so much to offer, from global events and international notables who visit the city regularly to its inspiring people, picturesque locations and gastronomic delights. “

’Dubai This Week’ will take viewers on an exciting journey, giving them access to thought-provoking discussions, the most interesting aspects of the city and the best things to find and do to create memorable experiences.

  • Dubai This Week airs every Tuesday at 7.45 pm GST on YouTube, TikTok and Instagram
  • For more information and exclusive content, check out @Dubaithisweek on TikTok and Instagram