MCN Academy boosts learning with Harvard Business School Online partnership

MCN Academy is rolling out a platform to grow and develop its community at all levels, tailored to individual and business requirements and informed by learning, feedback, and analysis.

The new platform plans to partner with reputable academic institutions, the first of which is announced to be Harvard Business School Online.

The move was made with the aim of strengthening MCN’s commitment to nurturing and fast-tracking high-potential talent and upskilling across leadership development and business growth areas.

The learning modules, which will be rolled out this month, are designed for mid-management and executive leadership talents within the MCN community in the region.

Over the next two years, MCN Academy will invest in three business-critical themes relevant to all MCN agencies, focusing on helping upskill the company’s talents while scaling and enriching its skillset and capabilities for clients.

These include leadership development at all career stages, generative AI, and emotionally intelligent and inclusive leadership.

“We are deeply committed to learning and development in the MENAT region,” said Ghassan Harfouche, CEO of MCN MENAT.

“Our focus is to collaborate with the best and most progressive partners to ensure the upscaling of our talents at all levels and all career stages,” he said.

Ricarda Ruecker, Chief Talent Officer of MCN MENAT, said, “Our people are undoubtedly our most important asset, which is why we continue to invest in their upskilling and progression at every stage of their career.”

“The MCN Academy is grounded in real insight and analysis on which areas of progression will help grow our people, our business, and ensure the highest quality skillset for client offerings in the future.”

“It is a platform for hybrid and scaled programs that integrate both internal training and collaboration with expert external bodies, to deliver personal and professional progression for our people,” she said.