Kuwait cracks down on visual pollution from ads

Kuwait Municipality introduced new advertising regulations which address the aesthetics and appearance of advertisements.

The Kuwaiti minister of Public Works and Minister of Municipal Affairs Dr. Noura Al-Mashaan reinforced the importance of these advertisement regulations.

In a statement to the Kuwaiti News Agency (KUNA), Dr. Al-Mashaan on the issued rules, which are based on a ministerial decree made in 2023.

The decree looked in the concern of visual pollution that results from unregulated and uncomely appearances of current advertisements.

The Municipality’s efforts are significant in ensuring advertisements adhere to specific and aesthetic standards, reducing visual clutter which reflect negatively on Kuwait and its people, Dr. Al-Mashaan added.

The new advertisement regulations, Dr. Al-Mashaan elaborated, are set to prioritize high quality advertisements that are consistent and abide by regulation standards.

Advertisements are to be monitored, and violations will be penalised, she added.