Houbara partners with carbon management expert, Elementsix to focus on ESG communications

Loretta Ahmed, founder and CEO, Houbara Communications (left), Dahlia Haleem, partner, Elementsix (right)

Houbara, an integrated creative and content-driven communications agency, announced that it has entered into a strategic partnership with Wlementsix, Dubai-based carbon management and climate change solutions consultancy, to support clients in taking a holistic view of all their actions and processes through the lens of sustainability.

The partnership will leverage Houbara’s expertise in communications and PR with Elementsix’s knowledge and experience in carbon management, to empower clients in developing and implementing environment, sustainability and governance (ESG) solutions that produce real impact and results, resulting in a communications programme rooted in hard evidence of their commitments to the planet.

Loretta Ahmed, founder and CEO of Houbara Communications, said: “Public awareness on ESG is the highest it has ever been. Authenticity, transparency, and reporting on progress, backed by scientific evidence of an organisation’s initiatives, are essential when formulating an effective ESG communications strategy.”

“If a company is stating they are pursuing more sustainable methods in their production is there data to support a claim that they have decreased emissions this year versus last year? This level of validation is essential when a business makes a claim that they are doing something to improve the world we live in. With Elementsix, we will be able to counsel our clients to build a credible, stronger and more transparent sustainability journey that enhances business credibility and stakeholder trust,” Ahmed added.

Dahlia Haleem, partner at Elementsix, said, “A strong ESG performance has been positively correlated with improved financial performance, and many mainstream investors are now using ESG criteria in their investment decisions globally along with requiring companies to disclose their ESG-related information. A growing number of financial authorities, including the UAE Securities and Commodities Authority (SCA), require companies to produce sustainability reports and report on ESG- related issues. 

It is a huge opportunity for business to not only do right by our planet but also to gain a competitive advantage in the process”.

“We urge businesses to start their ESG journeys by understanding what their baseline impact is – by quantifying it – so they are able to improve upon it. As American academic, Erik Brynjolfsson said, ‘the heart of science is measurement’.”