Five ads I wish I’d made, and one I did – by Horizon’s Mazen Jawad

Mia Lima Jawad, daughter of Mazen Jawad
Mazen Jawad, President, Horizon Holdings

The Five ads that I wished I made & One I did.

Mazen Jawad, President of Horizon Holdings kicks off Campaign’s new section with the theme: ‘For my daughter’

  1. Sport England “The Girl Can”
    Agency: FCB Inferno London
    Year: 2015
    I like it because it is inclusive of more women in a world that got us used to see a specific look and shape when watching sports. This campaign celebrates active women who are doing their thing no matter how they look, no matter how dirty & sweaty they get. It inspires more women and girls to wiggle, jiggle, jump, move and prove that judgement, time, money and energy are barriers that can be overcome.

Nike “What are girls made of”
Agency: Wieden & Kennedy Amsterdam
Year: 2017
This ad reasonates with girls and women and encourage them to be anything they want and that they can achieve it. Yes, you can!

P&G | Always “Like a Girl”
Agency: Leo Burnett
Year: 2014
It’s all in the mind and this ad actually is consistently in my mind as I raise my girl, play and compete with her in gaming and sports. All girls need to believe that they can be as brave as boys even if not better. This campaign helped many girls around the world keep their confidence through puberty and beyond by tackling the social limitations that stand in their way. I am really happy to see that more girls now have a POSITIVE association with the phrase “…like a girl”.

Unilever | Dove “Real Beauty Sketches”
Agency: Ogilvy & Mather Brazil
Year: 2013
When +80% of women feel anxious about how they look, it’s obviously just a perception… I love the way the issue was tackled to make them feel good about themselves as sometimes we just can’t see beauty in ourselves at all. & the truth simply is: You’re just more beautiful than you think.

State Street Global Advisors “Fearless Girl”
Agency: McCann NY
Year: 2017
This idea created an immediate behavior in over 3,500 companies to take steps to increase the number of women in leadership on their corporate boards. This fights for the equality between men and women, where everyone should have the same chance and opportunity to reach any deserved position whether in the corporate world, politics or anything else. We’ll surely have a better world.

The ad we did:

Tamanna “September Christmas”
Agency: Horizon FCB
Year: 2012
I love this idea most because I worked on it with 2 great friends: Diala ElFil a childhood friend and the founder of Tamanna a non-profit organization that grants the wishes of children with critical illness, as turning a wish into reality empowers the child to combat his/her illness giving hope and happiness in times of great stress and hardship; and my dear friend Alain Hochar who headed then our agency in Beirut. When we met & spoke with Carmen who was then fighting cancer in June of 2012… she asked for an iPad for Christmas, and Christmas was 7 months far-away… so we decided to bring Christmas closer to all of us and especially to Carmen.