Cannes viewpoint: Raising the bar

Miguel Bemfica picks three standout campaigns vying for the Titanium Lions today

Today marks the final day of the Cannes Festival, and as always, it’s the sense of anticipation for what’s next that fuels our industry. Win or lose, true creatives wake up hungry for another shot at glory.

The bar has been raised: a Lion isn’t enough anymore. Now, it’s all about the Grand Prix to cut through the noise. With 28 categories, the festival is a whirlwind of entries, speeches, and events, making it tough to keep up.

My tip? Focus on the Grand Prix winners. They’re the new gold standard. And within that, the Titanium Lions are the pinnacle—where true innovation shines. Here are three standout campaigns vying for Titanium glory today:

DoorDash’s Super Bowl Stunner: This campaign delivered every product advertised during the game to one lucky winner. A two-week buildup with teasers, social media buzz, influencers, and a live promo code challenge during the game created massive engagement.

The 1,813-character promo code twist captivated audiences, showcasing DoorDash’s wide delivery range and setting a new standard for interactive marketing.

Xbox’s ‘Everyday Tactician’: Partnering with Football Manager 24, Xbox offered a gamer a real-world role as a performance tactician at Bromley FC. This campaign blurred the lines between gaming and professional sports, achieving 1.5 billion impressions and highlighting the impact of gaming skills in real-life scenarios.

JCDecaux’s ‘Meet Marina Prieto’: A 100-year-old grandma’s Instagram posts were repurposed for OOH spaces, driving curiosity and demonstrating OOH media’s power.

This approach boosted Marina’s followers by 321 per cent, doubled JCDecaux’s media investment, and became their most successful B2B campaign.

In the end, it’s about creating timeless campaigns that will be remembered for years. Keep an eye on the Titanium winners—they’re the true benchmarks of creative excellence.

By Miguel Bemfica, creative partner at TWISE.AI (former CCO at VML Dubai)