Burson officially rolls out globally

Burson announced the official launch of Burson globally. 

The new agency is a product of the BCW and Hill & Knowlton merger announced earlier this year. 

The agency has adopted a new visual identity and value proposition across all its channels. 

Its new visual identity is inspired by the power of light to illuminate insights and reveal opportunity, reinforcing the company’s commitment to providing clients with “bold” creativity and advisory solutions.

The agency’s new approach looks at reinventing how reputation is built and protected in today’s dynamic environment. 

“A strong reputation grounded in action, communicated clearly and creatively, and deployed as capital across stakeholders will enable clients to succeed in this environment,” said Corey duBrowa, Global CEO, Burson.

Reputation is a company’s most valuable asset for enhancing perception and growing performance, preference, valuation and return. 

Burson’s new initiatives

To bring its new positioning to life, Burson introduced a series of products and programmes to empower its counselors and creators to solve clients’ challenges across sectors and markets.

It has introduced a new framework and consulting methodology to assess and actively manage “reputation capital” across four pillars: company actions, communications, social narratives and stakeholder beliefs.

They have launched a body of AI-enabled tools called the Burson Innovation Portfolio. 

The porfolio includes five suites: 

The Sonar Suite anticipates and evaluates risk. The Decipher Suite predicts the impact of communications and The Creators’ Suite creates audience-specific content at scale.

The Specialists’ Suite trains Burson’s AI tools on specific industry sectors and The Fount Suite which takes an overall view of the data across the life cycle of a campaign to measure and optimise performance.

“The Burson Innovation Portfolio, which draws on the technology strengths of our combined agencies and WPP, reflects our promise to combine artificial and human intelligence in ways that help our clients succeed at the intersection of risk, creativity and reinvention,” said AnnaMaria DeSalva, Global Chairman, Burson.

Burson is also unveiling its new learning academy focused on client leadership and skills development for its  teams. 

The Burson Academy offers curricula under four pillars:

  • Leadership, for career navigation, management and leadership growth
  • Client Excellence, for building strong consultative client relationships
  • The Craft of reputation management, with focus on writing, media relations, issues management and creative
  • AI/Innovation, for development in data & analytics, AI, the Burson Innovation Portfolio and new ways of working.