Weyyak launches Ramadan 2019 content

The launch was at a glittering event at Burj Al Arab with celebrities and influencers and media industry leaders.

Weyyak released the preview of their Ramadan 2019 content with an exclusive breakfast at the Burj Al Arab at the Gold on 27. The theme was gold & glitter just like the spectacular ambience and décor. Egyptian actress Fifi Abdou attended the gathering and will also be seen in Weyyak’s upcoming content. Rami Imam who has directed ‘Hidden Worlds’ was present at the event.

Weyyak is the Arabic video on demand platform of Zee network that consists of Arabic, Syrian, Turkish series & films, Indian dubbed Arabic shows, Bollywood films dubbed in Arabic for audience across the globe. Weyyak means ‘With You’ and has thousands of hours of content that users can watch on their mobile or laptops. For Ramadan 2019, Weyyak is set to present an array of outstanding content.

One of the top-rated content is the Arabic-Syrian series ‘Bab Al Hara’ season 10, this along with ‘Tauk Al Banat’ and’ Jarat El Ayam’ series will be exclusively shown on Weyyak online platform. Other shows such as ‘Mamlaket Al Ghager’ & ‘Super Mero’ will be available during Ramadan 2019.

‘Bab Al Hara’ season 10 includes how French soldiers enter Al Hara and start a war against the villages in Syria. Will the people of Al Hara’ survive? And what will be their journey? Arabic show ‘Mamlaket Al Ghager’ revolves around the world of gypsies, their nomadic daily lives and rituals. ‘Law Jarat Al Ayyam’ is about a family, where everyone is striving to reach their goals in life, it is a poignant story that addresses many social issues and daily concerns of citizens.

Weyyak will display Indian dubbed Arabic series such as ‘Fidya’ season 5, ‘Begusarai’ season 2, ‘Noqta Al Sater’ season 2, Daqit Alb and Mann Aana during Ramadan 2019.

‘Fidya’ season 5 has popular Indian stars Divyanka Tripathi & Sharad Malhotra, with loads of drama as Sindoora continues to play her vicious games to destroy protagonists Fidya & Sagar’s lives. While everybody has sensed that something is wrong, her son Bharat believes that she is a changed person and is willing to give her another chance. Will she finally succeed in her plans with the help of Bharat?

‘Begusarai’ starring Shweta Tiwari and Shivangi Joshi will witness the fight between the 2 brothers for the throne, to add to their woes they fall in love with the same girl. While Prem is willing to sacrifice his love for his brother’s happiness, Phulan will go to any extent to win the girl as well as the title of being the King of the town called Begusarai.

‘Noqta Al Sater’ has Mohit Mallik & Neha Marda. After suffering from domestic violence by her husband, Urmi has gained the courage to fight back for her rights & respect.

‘Daqit Alb’ is a docu-drama hosted by Surbhi Jyoti and Meiyang Chang, with independent stories, each episode portraying the challenges faced by people who are in a relationship and how they fight all the odds to overcome them.

‘Mann Aana’ stars Aarti Singh & Mohammed Iqbal Khan, it focusses on the social problem of gender discrimination. It is the story of Amba, a mother who is forced to raise her girl child, Manpreet, as a boy – Mann, in efforts to keep peace in the village and prevent her violent brother-in-law from taking leadership.

These shows on Weyyak will make you laugh, cry, sympathize and bond with the characters. Weyyak promises to deliver an exciting journey for users this Ramadan 2019- so download the Weyyak app now!