The perfect blend: Spread Communications to represent the homegrown coffee company RAW

RAW was established in 2007 by Matt Toogood & Kim Thompson

Inspiring the world to love great coffee, Spread Communications is fuelled to be representing home grown coffee company “RAW”.

Recognized internationally in the specialty coffee community as the market leader of the UAE specialty coffee segment, RAW was established in 2007 by Matt Toogood & Kim Thompson, after they were unable to buy quality coffee that they were used to back in New Zealand. Thus, RAW was born to fill the gap for freshly roasted specialty coffee.

With the vision of crafting perfection in a cup, RAW prides itself in:

  • Sourcing, roasting and delivering high quality Specialty Arabica coffee.
  • Serving Antipodean, café style food, in a relaxed, family friendly atmosphere with plenty of parking space.
  • Providing a complete solution to commercial partners so they can deliver exceptional coffee consistently. This includes – barista training, maintenance of equipment, consultation on design, menu concepts and optimized workflow.

Additionally, the RAW space is also available for photoshoots, video shoots, events, etc.